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Fundraising Information

Fundraising Information - 4 Websites a...

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Fundraising Information Great Money Making Fundraising For Fall Semester 1. Concessions a. Bands of America (November?) Approx 700$. b. NAU Band Day (October?) Approx 650$. c. Becky (928)-863-0249 (she might not be in charge next year.) 2. Donations a. Don’t focus too much on this. b. Great way to make money but no brotherhood bonding. 3. Car Wash a. Not as much money involved but lots of fun. b. Hard to do in spring semester because of coldness.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Websites a. www.campusfundraiser.com b. www.phoneraiser.com c. www. fundraising .com The hardest part of this position is participation. Make sure you have enough people and that they won’t cancel last minute. Work with the Community service person to plan events around each other or plan coop events such as a bake sale where half the profits go to cancer or something similar....
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