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Garrett Mehlberg Mgt 101 Sec 3 04/18/2007 The social was for anyone in the College of Business Administration or Hotel Restaurant Management to come and meet upperclassmen. There where lots of people to talk to and have fun while eating free gourmet food. The event was sponsored by Delta Sigma Pi, a college of business Fraternity, for any majors boys and girls, and was beautifully presented. Lots of people there had interesting stories about the road to their major. The only problem was that you didn’t have to stay after you swiped your card so
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Unformatted text preview: some people just got freebies. To make them stay at least a little while there should have been punch cards and the Delta Sigma Pi’s should have punchers of different shape to punch cards after they have been talked to. I learned three things while I was there 1. A lot of accounting students changed to finance after a while. 2. Delta Sigma Pi is a great fraternity to make long lasting friends in. 3. HRM’s make some delicious food. Go to this pathway and put it on for years it is great and fun and I stayed for one and a half hours....
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