ECO285 HW 4

ECO285 HW 4 - They offer many solutions such as supporting...

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Garrett Mehlberg Homework #4 10-8-07 The Meatrix and Local Futures The Meatrix is about how corporations are buying out family farms to make large  quantities of meat, milk, eggs, and other normally farm-raised products. Local Futures is about a  community of tribes working together to make a sustainable environment for their tribe now and  in the future. These topics are very similar in the area of farming, agriculture, and community. In  The Meatrix they talk about how animals are mistreated, feed other animals, pumped full of  hormones banned in Canada and Europe, and how working conditions are very dangerous at  plant because of the growing need for the owners to make profits. The Meatrix creators are  looking to create a more sustainable, organic environment like the tribe in Local Futures have. 
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Unformatted text preview: They offer many solutions such as supporting local farms, making sure that you buy farm raised products, and petitioning to get companies like Starbucks to not use milk with RGBH. The communities in local futures have fresh food, meat and other products, and teach others how to live this way so in the future their tribe and rituals still exist along with the world. The Meatrix suggests a life like this as well but they focus in agriculture more than community even though they say communities are polluted by these farms they dont say that community values are the most important. I say that for me The Meatrix had more of an impact because it focused on changing one part of my life not the whole thing. I think movies would be more effective if they focus on one thing at a time....
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ECO285 HW 4 - They offer many solutions such as supporting...

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