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INSTRUCTIONS FOR EXAM 1 - Call Number VT 2859 All class...

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR EXAM 1 MATERIALS THAT MUST BE STUDIED Chapter 3 : -) Page 71 “Problems of Naming” through page 80. -) The following Case Studies: Igbo, Lugbara, Kapauku and Mardudjara -) accompanying notes You must be able to place the discussed peoples on a map and you must know in which present day nation they reside. Chapter 8: -) Page 303 through 347. All the terms of the glossary must be known. -) accompanying notes. As far as dates are concerned you need to know those that were discussed in the class lectures. The documentary shown in class and accompanying notes If you would like to see the video again, it is part of a longer documentary. That documentary is on reserve for our class in the media center of the Cline library. Name: Touching the Timeless
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Unformatted text preview: Call Number: VT 2859 All class notes Especially in the beginning of the course we discussed some models in the study of religion. That material is not in your text book but is part of the exam material. Students are also responsible for other additional explanations that were provided in class lectures but which are not in the text book. RULES FOR THE EXAM-- No hats-- No cell phones/ ipods etc. All these items must be put away out of sight and direct reach.-- Late arrivals will be made to wait outside and let in as a group at a time deemed proper by the instructor. You must bring:-- Number 2 pencil-- Your student ID Any further rules etc will be explained by your TA in the upcoming discussion section....
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