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Chancellor First I would like to say thank you for nominating me to run for chancellor. According to the  chapter and fraternity bylaws there are seven duties that a chancellor is required to fulfill. To  preside over the meetings of the chapter, To preside at all trials conducted by the chapter, To  ensure that any violations of the Bylaws of this Fraternity within the chapter are reported to the  Central Office, To cast a deciding vote in the case of a tie, To serve as Ritual Chair, To ensure  that regalia is ordered from the Central Office at least 60 days prior to each initiation, and to  ensure that chapter bylaws are updated and electronically submitted to the Central Office. I  believe I can accomplish all these duties and any other ones that the chapter fells need to be 
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Unformatted text preview: done. There are also several qualities that a chancellor should have. Promptness, I have never missed a meeting nor have I been late, and I have attended at least 80% of the functions that our chapter has conducted. Commitment, Delta Sigma Pi has meant a great deal to me since I became a pledge even though it meant putting myself through financial hardships, such as not having a job while I pledged. And also Integrity, a chancellor must do what best for the fraternity and not what is best for him/herself. I have all these qualities and more, and will make sure, that if I am chancellor of the Chapter Zeta Omega, of the Fraternity Delta Sigma Pi I will strive honestly and earnestly to advanced the progress and welfare of the fraternity....
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