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Eco-footprint analysis

Eco-footprint analysis - much but it is also a worth cause...

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Garrett Mehlberg In Mathis Wackernagel’s video he explains many of the eco-footprint aspects and  gave me a better understanding of what my eco-footprint is about. First he explained  how that not just people get eco-footprints, but businesses and animals as well. This  shows me that even though my Eco-footprint is 14 acres that it is evened out by big  businesses only trying to make money, with no concern for the environment. Second,  he explained that even though we need to leave some acres for animals so that we  have a bio-diverse culture that many countries also use more than what they should.  This shows that you need to change most of the population of the earth to make sure  that we don’t need another earth in our lifetime. It is a big goal to change the world that 
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Unformatted text preview: much, but it is also a worth cause. To keep the world alive it would be best to find improvements rather to ban things that people want because those people will become upset. If we find improvements we can live the same way with smaller footprints, such as a Green house. The United States must change their ways somehow to make sure the planet lasts not just until we are gone but until as long as possible because I certainly don’t want my children or grand-children to inherit a dead or dying planet. The people of the earth need to change before we pass the point of no return and have to figure out a way to colonize mars. If only then will people truly discover the errors of their ways then there may be no hop for the planet....
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Eco-footprint analysis - much but it is also a worth cause...

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