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Garrett Mehlberg 10B 10/25/2006 1. Computer Operator 2. Oversees computer's hardware, operating system and application software as it processes data. Ensures the efficient use of the equipment. 3. OPERATING EQUIPMENT, MAINTAINING, INSPECTING, REPAIRING, FOLLOWING WRITTEN AND/OR ORAL INSTRUCTIONS, KEEPING RECORDS, ANALYZING, INTERPRETING, EVALUATING, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, and ATTENTION TO DETAIL 4. Some postsecondary education or training required. Formal computer-related training through a community college or technical school recommended. Completion of vocational training an asset. Related training can be obtained through the Armed Forces. Four-year
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Unformatted text preview: degree usually needed to advance into management, local area network or database management. NOTE: Consider taking Tech Prep courses in high school; jobs in the future will be increasingly technical. 5. Companies often offer on-the-job training to familiarize newly hired with employer's specific equipment and routines. Formal training in large scale mainframe or multiple operating system environments and job control language typically expected by most employers. 6. About $30,000-$35,000/yr. In industry, some operators receive bonuses. 7. Computer science or Computer Information systems. 8. Not really...
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