Christianity and muslin ethics

Christianity and muslin ethics - Garrett Mehlberg Rel 150...

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Garrett Mehlberg Rel 150 MWF 10:20-11:10 Response paper 2 People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans A small green alien in a famous movie named Yoda once said, “Do or Do not… there is not try.” Every time I hear this quote I am reminded of ethics and how there is no such thing as trying to be ethical, people either are ethical or are not ethical, there is no middle ground. This is also true for religious ethics, one can not simple try to be an ethical Christian, but they can strive to be one. Obedience, Kindness, Sincerity, Humbleness, and being like Jesus, or the Prophet Mohammad are core values in both Christianity and Islam. Both religions have shown that they strive to be perfectly ethical unfortunately being ethical is never completely possible because it is against human nature. The problem with being moral in Christianity is that no one person can define what is right and wrong and since the books were written in the past there are many “grey areas” that we see today because there is no definition about morals and they are sometimes against human nature. Love is a major Christian ethical code, and it is the principle that guides all conduct. It says in the Bible such things as, “love your neighbor as yourself” and
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Christianity and muslin ethics - Garrett Mehlberg Rel 150...

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