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ACC 205 Assignment 6

ACC 205 Assignment 6 - like a businesses freedom to sell a...

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Garrett Mehlberg Assignment #6 1) If the majority of the public thinks that this is acceptable and What the specific loss would be for both situations. 2) That these toys are deemed unacceptable in America would it be right to sell toys in other countries if they are not safe enough to sell here. 3) The people could affect this decision are the share holders, the public of America, the public of the other countries, the government of the other countries, small toy manufacturers in the country that might lose revenue. 4) I believe that selling the toys in other countries does the most overall good. 5) Not selling the toys probably does the least overall harm. 6) My beliefs and ethics may or may not impact my decision depending on the safety of the toys compared to the safety of the toys that are sold there. 7) I believe that the decision to sell the toys protects the most rights
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Unformatted text preview: like a businesses freedom to sell, a countries right to have better products, and a the rights of the shareholders to make money on there investments (even though this is not really a right) 8) No I think the only right that might be violated is if the toys are dangerous to a certain extent that will almost certainly cause harm. 9) A CEO or someone directly under the CEO. Maybe even the head shareholder. 10) I would feel fine as long as the standard was put in place that the toys have to be to at least safe enough to play with compared to the other toys in the country. 11) The safety of the toys would be what the article was written about. 12) I would feel fine because that is there right as the press. 13) I would make the decision to sell the toys in the other countries. The most persuasive question was who would impact your decision....
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