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Lab syllabus Fall 2006

Lab syllabus Fall 2006 - College of Business Administration...

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College of Business Administration CIS 120 Lab Syllabus, Fall 2006                                         William (Bill) Cone, CIS Senior Lecturer Office CBA 424 Email: [email protected] Phone No. 523-9315 Office Hours: Monday 8:00—10:00 Tuesday 10:15---12:30 Wednesday 8:00—10:00 Office Hours: Also by Appointment. Preferred Course Web site . Http://www.vista.nau.edu    This site includes course content and your personal grades. Use your dana username and password to enter this site. CIS 120 Lab Materials You have a choice of the way that you acquire the course materials with numbers 1 and 2 below. It is important that you bring lab materials to all labs. 1. A shrink-wrapped bundle that includes all course materials. The ISBN is 1423940768. This bundle includes the following 2 items. Office 2003 Introductory Concepts and Techniques published by Course Technology. This text includes Word 2003, Excel 2003, Access 2003, PowerPoint 2003 and Windows. SAM 2003 CD. This also includes a student key code number that is essential for registering for the exams and quizzes that will be given during the course. 2. You can also purchase the course materials separately. Office 2003 Introductoy Concepts and Techniques. This is the same text that is in the bundle in number 1 above. However, the ISBN is different. The ISBN is 1418848964. SAM 2003 CD. This includes a student key code number that is essential for registering for the exams and quizzes that will be given during the course. This is the same CD that is included in the bundle but the ISBN is 1423912608 . Course Description An introduction and hands-on use of applications designed for communications (Word 2003), decision support (Excel 2003), database management systems (Access 2003) business presentation graphics (PowerPoint 2003) and Web development (FrontPage 2003). Course Outcomes At the end of this course students should be able to show proficiency in Word 2003, Excel 2003, Access 2003, and PowerPoint 2003 at the introductory level. Students will prove this proficiency by taking exams in a ”live-in-the-application”, “hands-on” performance assessment system called SAM 2003 (Student Assessment Manager). Students will also prove knowledge in integrating the Office 2003 applications through a comprehensive project that also includes creating a Web page that will be published to their Dana account. Attendance Policy: You are expected to attend your scheduled lab (the CIS 120 lab that you registered for each week. There is a scheduled exam or quiz each week of the semester. If you miss an exam or quiz you must make up that exam or quiz on specified Fridays during the semester. This will be explained in the make-up exam policies later in the syllabus. You are allowed to take exams and quizzes only in your registered lab. If you have a conflict with your scheduled lab, use the drop/add process to make a change. Important
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2 information that is relevant to the lab will be presented at the beginning of class and this is very important to your CIS 120 grade. Please be punctual to class.
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