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Lab Agenda for Every Week Your lab class each week will last for 90 minutes. You will be busy with a number of things during this time and you must be in attendance until the end of class. These are the 3 items that will keep you busy for the full 90 minutes. 1. Short lecture and demonstrations. 2. Lab time for students to work hands-on and to study skills for the exam or quiz that is being held this week or in the next week. Your teacher and others will be there to help you. The following items will keep you active and productive and prepared for the following week. A. Work on and know how to do skills in the chapter. Some of these will be on the exam or quiz. This is the best way to be prepared for exams and quizzes B. Go over “What You Should Know” at the end of the chapter and go
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Unformatted text preview: back to appropriate pages in the chapter to reinforce your skills and knowledge. C. Use the various supplemental study guides and practice quizzes on the “Online Companion.” Link to this using Vista. D. Work through the 3 or 4 “In the Lab” exercises at the end of the chapter. E. Work the “Cases and Places” exercises at the end of the chapter. F. You do not have to turn in any of the exercises that you work at the end of each chapter but you must stay busy on lab materials until the exam or quiz is announced. Take advantage of your lab time. Ask questions if you have them. 3. When the quiz or exam is announced, begin immediately or you will not have enough time to finish. You may then leave the lab....
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