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AG_Wortschatz_07 - Auf geht's Unit 7 vocabulary N.B 1 Nouns...

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Auf geht’s Unit 7 vocabulary N.B. 1. Nouns which drop part of the singular form before adding the plural ending are shown with the element to be dropped crossed out, e.g. der Geschäftsmann , -leute means singular der Geschäftsmann plural die Geschäftsleute 2. The German grading system goes from 1 ( eins best) to 6 ( sechs lowest;) 7.1 Grundschule die Grundschule, -n primary school die Schule, n school die Schulzeit time in school die Klasse, -n class; grade die Pause, -n break; recess der Schüler, - pupil (male) die Schülerin, -nen pupil (female) der Lehrer, - teacher (male) die Lehrerin, -nen teacher (female) das Zeugnis, -se report card der Schulhof, “e school yard die Hausaufgabe, -n homework assignment der Bleistift, -e pencil die Schultüte, -n special cone-shaped goody bag you get on 1st day of school der Schulranzen, - school backpack for elementary school children die Federtasche, -n pencil bag brauchen to need durchfallen to fail (a test) sitzen bleiben to stay back a year 7.2 Gymnasium die Hauptschule. -n basic secondary school, through grade 9-10, with Hauptschulabschluss die Realschule. -n secondary school through grade 10, grants Mittlere Reife das Gymnasium , -sien college prep high school, through grade 12-13, grants Abitur der Abschluss, “-e graduation, degree die Gesamtschule, -n comprehensive secondary school das Abitur, das Abi college-prep school comprehensive final exam, both written and oral, and the degree that it grants In most
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