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HA 115 Elise Tagatac Audiovisual Project Jeff Newman Group 9 Annie Lee March 26, 2007 Jordan Stack Maslow’s Need Hierarchy: Office Space Maslow developed a need theory of motivation that is known as the hierarchy of needs . This hierarchy emphasizes psychological and interpersonal needs, as well as physical needs and economic necessity. However, the employees of Initech in the movie Office Space are unmotivated because the fulfillment of their needs seems unattainable in their current work environment. Although the employees did not have issues with physiological needs such as food, water, warmth, or air, problems begin on the second level of the need hierarchy with safety and security needs. In this case, safety and security needs have to do with job security and predictability at the office. The movie is amusing because of the complete lack of job security at Initech. For example, the employees receive a memo for an upcoming staff meeting, and an employee named Smykowski is seen running around anxiously. He is extremely nervous because he immediately assumes they are all going to be fired. Instead of safety and security needs motivating the employees, they are unmotivated because the thought of job security seems so implausible. Another level of the hierarchy is concerned with esteem needs, which has to do with self-esteem, achievement, independence, and prestige. In the workplace, these needs determine how the employees feel about their position within and value to the company. In Office Space , lack of fulfillment of esteem needs is best illustrated in the memo scene. Peter Gibbons, an employee at Initech, has bosses and co-workers that all think he is incompetent because he simply forgot to put a cover sheet on one of his reports. Everyone keeps asking him if he got the memo that described this new rule, but no one listens to what he has to say. He forgot one time, and he already took care of the problem by putting the cover sheet on before the report got sent out. Because no one
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pays attention to what he has to say, he feels belittled and the thought of independence and achievement seems so far that he is no longer motivated to work hard. Overall, the employees of Initech will never be motivated to work at their full potential because of lack of motivation in the workplace. Expectancy Theory of Motivation: Prison Break In this “Prison Break” clip two prison escapees, Sucre and Michael Scoffield, are running from the police. While crossing a river Sucre gets trapped under a shifting log. With the police close behind they are thrown into a dramatic situation with some
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AV Project Paper - HA 115 Audiovisual Project Group 9 March...

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