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Unformatted text preview: Relativpronomen und Relativstze Relative clauses are used to rename part of the first clause in a sentence. The declination of the article is dependant on where it is found in the relative clause. **Remember that word order changed when the two sentences are put together. The verb is moved to the end of the relative clause. Nominative Accusative Dative Genitive Beispiele: Masculine der den dem dessen Neuter das das dem dessen Feminine die die der deren Plural die die denen deren Nominative subject: Wir suchen Kinder, die aktiv sind. Accusative Object: Wie heit der junge Mann, den du gestern kennengelernt hast? We are looking for children, who are active. What is the name of the young man, whom you met yesterday? Dative Object: Gehren Sie zu den Menschen, Are you one of those people, to whom a denen ein sicherer Arbeitsplatz wichtig ist? secure position is important? Genitive Object: Ich habe eine Firma, deren Produkte weltweit bekannt sind. I have a company, whose products are known around the world. ...
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