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"Wir":  The first-person plural imperative also looks like a question, i.e. the verb  followed by "wir". Gehen wir ins Kino.  Let's go to the movies.   Seien wir nicht so laut.  Let's not be so loud.   Lassen wir die Leute in Ruhe.  Let's leave those people in peace.   Fangen wir an.  Let's start.   Kaufen wir etwas anderes.  Let's buy something different.   Bringen wir eine Flasche Wein mit.  Let's take along a bottle of wine.
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Unformatted text preview: It is also possible to use "lassen" for the second-person plural, corresponding in structure to the English "Let's. ..." Here the command is actually addressed to one or more people, reflected in the form of "lassen": Lass uns gehen. Let's go. Lasst uns essen. Let's eat. Lassen Sie uns morgen schwimmen gehen. Let's go swimming tomorrow....
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