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Unformatted text preview: Da-Komposita (da-compounds) In German, pronouns used after prepositions normally refer only to persons (e.g., von ihm). To refer to things and ideas, a da-compound consisting of da plus a preposition is generally used (e.g., davon). Da- expands to dar- when the preposition begins with a vowel darauf, darin, darber. A compound consisting of da- plus a preposition that replaces a preposition plus a pronoun to refer to things and ideas (e.g., darber = about it). Gnl kocht gern. Darber freut sich Nina. (Gnl likes to cook. Nina is happy about that.) Beispiele: Spricht er oft von seiner Arbeit? Ja, er spricht oft davon. Freut sie sich auf die Ferien? Ja, sie freut sich darauf. Ich bin gegen Umweltverschmutzung. - Ich bin auch dagegen. - Ich bin dafr. Ich warte auf eine Email von meiner Kusine. Ich warte seit 3 Tagen darauf. Does he talk about his job? Yes, he talks about it often. Does she look forward to the break/vacation? Yes, she is looking forward to it. I am against pollution. - I am also against it. - I am for it. I am waiting for my cousin. I have been waiting ...
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