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DELAWARE SECTION TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE Executive Summary In a report to the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) summarized the issues that we see in Delaware: “With growing congestion, an aging infrastructure, and continuing safety and security concerns, the traveling public demand high-quality roads, put in place as quickly as possible with sensitivity to the environment and at the lowest possible costs. “Business as usual” approaches are not acceptable—construction costs are increasing at alarming rates, and our customers want projects delivered on time and on budget, and want us to “get in, get out, and stay out.” 1 The Delaware Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers has evaluated some of the critical components of the state’s transportation infrastructure to raise the public’s awareness of the critical role that it plays in supporting the economy, and the safety and overall well- being of the citizens of this state. Delaware is now at a critical defining moment with regards to its future. The transportation systems’ needs have been identified by the state’s two Metropolitan Planning Organizations and input received through the Capital Transportation Program Public Hearing process, and the shortfall in funding has been well defined by a Governor’s Task Force. In addition, counties, municipalities and various business and professional groups have continued to stress the need for adequate transportation funding levels to address the concerns of their constituencies. Without additional funding, the ability of the transportation system to meet the state’s needs will be extremely compromised, threatening the quality of life that is such an essential part of being a Delawarean. The Governor has proposed a mix of alternatives to address the funding shortcomings of the Transportation Trust Fund, which addresses traditional sources of revenue—none of which have been raised in 10 years, and some of which have not been raised in more than 40 years. This initiative needs to be fully implemented, or other equivalent funding identified— such as shifting the Delaware Department of Transportation’s (DelDOT) operating costs back to the General Fund—to meet the current and future needs of the citizens of this state. The following updates the previous infrastructure assessment performed by the Delaware Section in 2000. 1 AASHTO March 2007 Transportation: Invest in Our Future, Surface Transportation Policy Recommendations For the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission, pg. 32
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Page 2 of 2 (Transportation) Grades Sector Grade 2000 Grade 2007 Grade 2010 (with proposed funding) Grade 2010 (without proposed funding) Highways C C C+ D- Bridges C B B C- Mass Transit D C C D- Overview of Grading System Methodology Following the precedent set by the Seattle and Colorado Sections of ASCE, the review
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trans_infrastructure_asce_rpt - DELAWARE SECTION...

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