Giliomee, Apartheid

Giliomee, Apartheid - Week 5 Giliomee Apartheid(pp 495-522...

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1 Week 5 Giliomee: Apartheid (pp. 495-522 of Giliomee, The Afrikaners ) The new regime NP govt plays the “anti-communism” card: the West decides that an Afrikaner “Gestapo” is better thana “red South Africa” Apartheid viewed in West as a stronger version of Western racism, then widespread and quite familiar in Europe and the US See Table showing % of whites who approved of racial segregation. (Giliomee, 495): Apartheid seemed to be in synch with Western racism (But this was changing rapidly in the us in the ‘50s) NP govt. justified its ban on inter-racial marriage: 30 states in the US outlawed them “Afrikaner” vs “racial” ideology: Of the 8.5 mill pop. of Africans, 2 mill lived in urban areas vs 1.6 mill whites who lived in urban areas ethnic and racial clashes across the Union’s towns erupted in late ‘40s NP govt. takes the offensive and vows to defeat black resistance major goalty: Afrikaner domination used race to this end: formed alliance with English-speaking whites Apartheid was an “instrument” towards the ultimate goal of Afrikaner domination Opposition Broad defn of “War on Communism” used to destroy pol and civil liberties Liberal businessmen: refused to support progressive non-racial parties but also w/held support from NP (Greenberg argues that they “accommodated” the racial order) NP abandons nationalization plans in mid-50s: relieves Gold Mines and urban industry NP failed to win a majority in the election of ’48; thereafterm however, it would win majority support amongst whites: support of English-speaking whites for NP became important from mid-60s onwards
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2 4 pillars of Aprtheid policy in the 1950s
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Giliomee, Apartheid - Week 5 Giliomee Apartheid(pp 495-522...

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