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Grant Proposal for the Pasadena Birthing Project In terms of infant mortality, the United States ranks thirty-fourth behind other developed countries, including Cuba and Taiwan, and the rates for African-American babies are 13.9 deaths per 1,000 live births; and African-American infants are nearly two and a half times more likely to die before their first birthday than white American infants 1 . The problem of infant mortality and racial disparities in African Americans health needs a solution. The Pasadena Birthing Project celebrated 13 years with the only national African American maternal child health volunteer campaign, Birthing Project USA, to improve better birth outcomes. Many women come to PBP with a low-income background, and the funding in such a relatively small agency is truly limited. This is why we need your help. The financial support from your company will not only help PBP to expand its services to more women and babies in the community, but also build a healthy image for your corporation and benefit your businesses in the long run. The amount of funding we want to request from Altria is $60, 000 per year. The costs of running the Sister Friend Leadership Academy at Pasadena Birthing Project are listed below. Part-time Training Director (Licensed Clinical Professional) $25,000 Training program for new Sister Friends (includes materials & fees) $5,000 Outsource training to nonprofit agencies and hospitals $10,000 Volunteer Recognition and Graduation (includes venue, food, honorariums)$5,000 Distinguished Lecture Series (Communitywide Outreach) $15,000 We wish to establish a long-term partnership with Altria. The Pasadena Birthing Project works with approximately 50 new mothers and their families in one year. Your donation will also be distributed to these families, in terms of financial support, healthcare, insurance or housing, etc. We will also use this fund to expand our staff and resources so we can reach more pregnant women. We will provide all legal documents that are necessary to be used for your company’s tax deduction. We will also provide financial reports that explain in details about our income and expenditure for the public. Benefits for Altria Atria’s relationship with the Pasadena Birthing Project will be reciprocal. Other than making profits, a company that holds a vision that goes beyond the bottom line will attract more employees, businesses and loyal customers. . One of your biggest companies, Phillip Morris USA, has a controversial corporate image as a tobacco company. Various pressure groups attack your corporate image as a company which makes profits on selling products that carry serious health risks. In fact, smoking is often linked to unhealthy babies, from low birth weight to stillbirth; and cigarettes are strictly 1 "Uniting to Reduce Infant Deaths and Save Babies' Lives." News & Information . 08 Feb 2003. PR Newswire. 18 Oct 2007 < hospitals/20070208/NYTH04208022007-1.html>.
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prohibited to pregnant women due to its serious health risks. Being a company who is
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Grant Proposal - Grant Proposal for the Pasadena Birthing...

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