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Marais, Buckling AIDS - Hein Marias: Buckling-The Impact of...

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1 Hein Marias: Buckling—The Impact of AIDS in South Africa A. The Desease and debates takes off A sober assessment of AIDS in South Africa Takes care to avoid more sensational claims: A practical perspective: o AIDS not just issue of “victimhood” o African women value children o Sex is an expression of women’s loneliness and dependence on men Hence, AIDS—like sex--is linled to all “circuits of power and authoruty” in society: reflects the gendered, age, and class inequalities of society AIDS differs from previous plagues/famines (a common reference point): Plagues, wars, famines, etc were indiscriminate killers (even if wars killed males mostly): AIDS has very precise and targeted demographic implications Denialism in South Africa See Rosenberg essay Marais notes that denialism fed on South Africa’s racial history: o Blacks were suspicious of science (used to limit black fertility) o Denialism also echoed also echoed suspicions of “the West” o Drew from the ideology of “national liberation”/veneration of “civil society” and “the people” o Plays on “African ideologies” sich as “self-reliance: black South Africans accepted denialism because it did resonate with their ideological orientations in the 1990s/early 200s o Also placed whites on the defensive: Marais argues denialism served to deflect attention away from the govt’s lack-lustre social policies Why was govt able to get away with it for so long? In part because of the astonishing swiftness of the spread of AIDS an the nature of AIDS statistics: it took about 10 years for the impact of AIDS to become clear Example: 1% were infected in 1990; 25% 10 years later B. GAUGING THE EPIDEMIC (pp. 25-45 ) Diff results, but essentially similar: o Stats South Africa: 3.83 million were HIV positive o HSRC = 4.2% o ASSA 2002 = 4.93 million o Dept of Health = approx 6 million Bearing in mind that infection shows up years later, Marais argues that these figures are not that different: real figues, he argues = 5.17 million
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2 A major disaster is underway Look at graphs: p. 25 Some other trends: trends lwer for coloureds and whites (6.2-6.6%) compare to 11-15% for Africans young women more likely to become affected tha young men (18% vs 13%) HIV higher in urban than rural areas o But concentrated by class: squattercamps had highest rates within urban areas Rapid increase in adult mortality rates: quadrupled between 1995 and 2002 In prisons, death rate shot up from 1.65 per 1000 to 7.75 per thousand
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Marais, Buckling AIDS - Hein Marias: Buckling-The Impact of...

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