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Jackman, V against Women

Jackman, V against Women - Jackman gender and...

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1 Jackman: gender and violence (outline of lecture) Based on: M. Jackman, “Gender, violence and harrassment”, in J. Chefetz (ed), Handbook of the Sociology of Gender. ( 1999). Applies her generic th of V to the case of V against women; but also broadens it to include the victimization of men. Reviews lit on research on V against women and presents ff critique: o Focus on interprsonal V ignores corporate violence o Focus on physical injuries tend to downplay psychological and verbaly abusive violence o Focus on intention ignores the routine violence against women o Focus on use of force leads to a focus on victim complicity o Assumption that violence is a deviant/unusual phenomenon encourages the view that violence against women is uniquely violent -- > strengthens the misimpression that violence aganst women is motivated by a “hatred of women” Gender and the practice of violence View that women are the primary victims of male violence is incorrect: o
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