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astro syllabus

astro syllabus - Syllabus(The syllabus will be updated as...

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Syllabus 5/12/09 (The syllabus will be updated as necessary. The current version will always be available on Blackboard) Introduction to Astronomy: Part 1 ('Stars, Planets, and Life in the Universe': previously known as 'Fundamentals and The Solar System') Paul Butterworth Spring 2008 Class Section 10, Mondays and Wednesdays, 11.10-12.00 (CRN: 92723). Corcoran Hall, room 101, 14 January to 30 April 2008. Textbook The Cosmic Perspective, 4th Edition, by Bennett, Donahue, Schneider and Voit (2006) published by Addison-Wesley. Don’t try to get by with the 3rd Edition, because that would put you at a severe disadvantage. You will also need to by a TurningPoint keypad to use during class. Course Description The course will cover most of the material in Parts I, II, and III of the textbook, together with Chapters 14 and 24: the methods and history of astronomy, the fundamental concepts (matter, energy, gravity, light, etc.) and an exploration of our solar system, finishing with a consideration of the origins of life. It is a very good class for nonscientists because it touches on the techniques and results of many other sciences and provides an illustration of the scientific method at work on the largest scales. A survey of the universe should provide students with an invaluable physical and
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philosophical context. Related Courses This class has no prerequisites. There will be some arithmetic, and simple algebra, but no difficult mathematics. Part 2 of Introduction to Astronomy is another one-semester class, covering stars, galaxies and cosmology. Although the two classes can be taken separately, they fit together for a complete survey of the universe and taking both is strongly recommended. Instructor
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astro syllabus - Syllabus(The syllabus will be updated as...

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