Chapter outlines for Exam I

Chapter outlines for Exam I - BELOW, PLEASE FIND AN OUTLINE...

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BELOW, PLEASE FIND AN OUTLINE FOR EACH CHAPTER AND WHAT I EXPECT YOU TO GLEAN FROM THE ARTICLES THAT WERE ASSIGNED CHPTER 1 THEMES OF DEVELOPMENT Biological versus Environmental Influences Continuity versus Discontinuity Individual Characteristics versus Contextual and Cultural Influences THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES ON DEVELOPMENT Structural-Organismic Perspectives Psychodynamic Perspectives Piagetian Theory Learning Perspectives Behaviorism Cognitive Social Learning Theory Information-Processing Approaches Dynamic Systems Perspectives Contextual Perspectives Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory Historical Context and Psychological Development Ethological and Evolutionary Approaches Ethological Theory Evolutionary Developmental Psychology DEVELOPMENTAL THEMES AND THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES: AN OVERVIEW RESEARCH METHODS IN CHILD PSYCHOLOGY Selecting a Sample Representativeness of a Sample Another Approach: The National Survey Methods of Gathering Data about Children Children’s Self-Reports Reports by Family Members, Teachers, and Peers Direct Observation Research Design: Establishing Patterns and Causes The Correlational Method Experimental Designs The Case Study Approach Combination Designs in Developmental Research Studying Change Over Time The Cross-Sectional Method The Longitudinal Method The Sequential Method The Ethics of Research with Children Exam I Chapter Outline and Expected Knowledge From Articles PSYC 013 Fall 2007 Dr. Kibour 1
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Chapter 2 HEREDITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT THE PROCESS OF GENETIC TRANSMISSION Chromosomes and Genes Genes, DNA, and Proteins GENETIC INFLUENCES ON DEVELOPMENT The Transmission of Traits: A Basic Model Genes on the Sex Chromosomes: Exceptions to the Rule
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Chapter outlines for Exam I - BELOW, PLEASE FIND AN OUTLINE...

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