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Unformatted text preview: 323k-w--METAPHYSICS 2-3:15 WAG 112 A survey of the arguments and views regarding--realism vs. idealism, nominalism vs. realism, theories of truth and meaning, meaning and necessity, materialism vs. dualism, etc. in selected "classic" works: Plato (MENO, PHAEDO); Aristotle (METAPHYSICS), Boethius, Abelard, Scotus selections from Spade ( 5 TEXTS ON THE MEDIEVAL PROBLEM OF UNIVERSALS), Kant (PROLEGOMENA), Russell (THE PROBLEMS OF PHILOSOPHY), Goodman (WAYS OF WORLD MAKING), Moore ("Refutation of Idealism" on Blackboard), Quine ("On What There Is" on Blackboard), Strawson ("On Referring" on Blackboard). GRADING: 2 Take-home exam-papers--to be explained in class-- each=40% of grade + 1 in-class quiz-exam--to be explained in class-- = 20% of grade. Take-home exam papers are not to be "hand-written"--but turned in as computer print-outs (or "typed"). DO NOT SEND IN PAPERS BY E-MAIL (AS ATTACHMENT OR AS PART OF TEXT)!!!!! THOSE WILL BE TRASHED. -------------------------------------------------------------PLATO Five Dialogues (Second Edition) Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo Translated by G. M. A. Grube $6.95 (0-87220-633-5)/(978-0-87220-633-5) Hackett ARISTOTLE Introductory Readings $10.95 0-872220-339-5 Hackett Five Texts on the Medieval Problem of Universals Porphyry, Boethius, Abelard, Duns Scotus, Ockham Translated and Edited by Paul V. Spade $16.95 0-87220-249-6)/(978-0-87220-249-8) Hackett KANT Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics $7.95 (0-87220-593-2)/(978-0-87220-593-2) Hackett BERTRAND RUSSELL The Problems Of Philosophy $8.95 (0-87220-098-1)/(978-0-87220-098-2) Hackett NELSON GOODMAN Ways of World Making $12.95 (0-915144-51-4)/(978-0-915144-51-8) Hackett Papers on Blackboard Moore-- The Refutation of Idealism Quine-- On What There Is Strawson--On Referring Handouts on Blackboard-- Neo-Platonism, Anselm T Jan 15 Th Introduction Plato: Meno--(on mathematical ideas & proofs) Phaedo (the Platonic "ideas" and the "theory of forms") Aristotle Section--The Metaphysics 17 22 29 Feb 5 12 19 26 7 14 21 28 March 4 6 11 18 25 April 1 8 15 3 10 17 22 24 29 May 1 13 20 27 24 31 Neo-Platonism (Philo, Plotinus and Augustine)--"handout" on blackboard Anselm and Abelard: Proofs of Existence--Problem of Universals Abelard section in Spade and "handout" on blackboard Scotus & Ockham--Selections in Spade--pages to be assigned Exam-paper 1-- essay topics given out Exam-paper 1 writing day Exam-paper 1 due--begin Kant: Prolegomena Parts I, II and III Spring Break Kant contin. Moore--Refutation & Russell--Problems Chaps. I-V Quiz-exam--in class Russell remaining chapters. Russell & Strawson (Referring) exam-paper 2 essay topics Exam-paper 2 writing day Exam-paper 2 due--begin Quine--On What There Is & Goodman--World-Making Last day of class ...
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