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IAH FINAL EXAM REVIEW 1. Similarities between Judaism, Islam and Christianity- They all believe in the founder of Abraham. They have many of the same Old Testament prophets. They are all monotheistic. Christianity and Islam stress the after life, while Jews are not really sure about an After Life. Christianity and Islam have similar beliefs on Jesus except Jesus is just a prophet in Islam. Differences between the 3 faiths are the after life beliefs. In Islam they believe Jesus was removed from the cross before he died, and someone else replaced him. 2. Many of the Apostles of Jesus established their own churches. They were underground churches who were persecuted by Rome. 3. The nature of the splits was over the nature of Jesus: was he god, human or both? 4. The Ghassanids were the retainers of the Bizantine Romans. Their contributions in art are the greek horse, they are a multilingual culture. They have some architechtural as well. 5. The 5 pillars of Islam are the Declaration of Faith (She ha deh), Formal Prayer five times a day (Salat), Charity (Zaqat), Fasting during the month of Ramadan(Sawm), Pilgramage to Mecca(Haj) This compares to Christianity and Judaism because they all have declarations of faith, and normally only priests and Rabbis keep formal prayer. Charity and fasting are a part of all three faiths. 6. The four major schools of Islamic law differ by some of them being very strict with the interpretation of the Quran. (Ex someone steals and get their hand cut off) 7. Arab families are organized by most of them having extended families all living in the same household, but over time they become more nuclear. Families pool their money
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