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Aaron Paul Houska Sex and Religion 2007 Response 2 The historical and social analysis Dyson uses to create a mini-history of African American sexuality is very insightful, and his belief that the Black Church is the place where such social change rings true, if not also idealistic. As the historical home of the fight against segregation, racism, and bigotry, the Black Church is the logical place to enact sexual social change. But Dyson gives the secular forces within the Black com- munity too little credit in the case of homosexuality. The ideal of the hyper-masculine (or ‘stud’) Black man, while a historical invention of racist Whites, is carried forward by the men within the black community or at least its public representation. Such social rather than religious forces are more likely responsible for the intense repression of Black gays, where the only release is through anonymous sex on the ‘Down Low’ or by sever- ing ones self from their community.
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