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Strength of Materials Quiz1

Strength of Materials Quiz1 - 2 Assume that the pin in...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Strength of Materials Quizzes EGR 283 Quiz #1 Solution All results must be given to the precision used in the textbook. Assume that the data are known to the same precision. Thus, when a value of 2 kips is given, it is assumed that it is known to 3-digits i.e., 2.00 kips. Units must be given with all answers. Print this page and write the answers in the blanks. Sign the statement at the bottom. Then submit the page before class on Wednesday. 1. What is the normal stress in a link of rectangular cross section (1.5 inches x 1/2 inch) if it is subjected to an axial force of 2 kips?2.67 ksi
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Assume that the pin in Figure 1.26a (page 13) has a 10 mm diameter and is under a force of 4 kN. What is the average shearing stress in the pin?25.5 MPa 3. For problem 1.3 (page 18), what is the axial force within member BC?-20 kips 4. For problem 1.9 (page 19), what is the bearing stress in the two links BD if they are supporting a total axial force of 3.5 kN?13.67 MPa 5. True or False? In general, the normal stress at a given point in a cross section of a rod is different from the value of the average stress given by P/A. (circle one)True...
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