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Strength of Materials Quiz2 - the reactions and replace it...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Strength of Materials Quizzes EGR 283 Quiz #2 Solution 1. By how much will a structural steel rod of diameter 10 mm and length 60 cm elongate if it is subjected to an axial force of 2 kN? Give your answer in mm.0.0764 mm 2. Which two properties must be equal for the rod and tube of Example 2.02?length & deformation 3. What is the name of the method for which we temporarily remove one of
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Unformatted text preview: the reactions and replace it later in the solution?superposition 4. Under load, a wire's cross sectional area decreases from a no-load value of 0.785 mm2 to 0.713 mm2. Determine its ductility.9.17 % 5. True or False? The difference between engineering stress and true stress becomes apparent in ductile materials after yield has begun. (circle one)True...
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