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Sheet1 Page 1 Strength of Materials Quizzes EGR 283 Quiz #3 Solution 1. A shaft of length 2 m and diameter 5 cm is anchored at one end while a scribed line on the face of the other end rotates through 2.7 degrees. Find the shearing strain in radians.5.89x10-4 rad 2. 1200 N-m of torque is used to drive a gear (A) of diameter 25 cm, which in turn drives another gear (B) of diameter 52 cm. What torque is transmitted by gear B to its shaft? Give your answer in kN-m.2.50 kN-m
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Unformatted text preview: 3. A hollow steel shaft has an OD of 20 cm and an ID of 15 cm. What is its polar moment of inertia in m4?1.074x10-4 m4 4. A structural steel rod of diameter 12 mm and length 850 cm is subjected to an axial force until its length increases by 1.75 mm. Then the force is removed. What is its permanent set?0 5. True or False? The stress in the neighborhood of a hole or a fillet is higher than the average stress (circle one)True...
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