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Strength of Materials Quiz6 - is used?45 kN-m 2 The...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Strength of Materials Quizzes EGR 283 Quiz #6 Solution All results must be given to the precision used in the textbook. Assume that the data are known to the same precision. Thus, when a value of 2 kips is given, it is assumed that it is known to 3 digits i.e., 2.00 kips. You may receive partial credit if you show your work (on the reverse). The units requested must be given with all answers. Print this page and write the answers in the blanks. Sign the statement at the bottom. Then submit the page before class on Wednesday. Please print your name here: ___________________________________________________ 1. The bending moment for a certain beam is plotted. The values vary from a positive 30 kN-m to a negative 45 kN-m. For the purposes of computing the maximum normal stress due to bending, what value of the bending moment
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Unformatted text preview: is used?45 kN-m 2. The required section modulus Sx for a structural steel W-beam is 16.1 in3. What is the least expensive W-beam that can be chosen?W 12 x 16 3. For a 12 m long beam, a concentrated load of 5 kN down is applied at the midpoint. What happens to the shear plot at this point? What happens to the moment plot at this point?result (on back) 4. For a 12 m long beam loaded with only a single moment at the center, describe the shear curve. What happens to the moment curve at the point of application of the concentrated moment?result (on back) 5. Suppose a beam is loaded with a single distributed load (down) of 3 kN/m which is constant and extends from one end to the other. What is the value of the shear at the midpoint of the beam?zero...
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