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SOC-151 Test Essay 2 Teenage pregnancy is an issue that is common in the United States. Our society has labeled teenage pregnancy as deviance. There is no written law that states this; it is simply constructed by society and is an attempt to regulate people’s thoughts and behavior. “Social rules define situations and the kinds of behavior appropriate them, specifying some actions as “right” and forbidding others as “wrong” (Becker p.1). In this case, teen pregnancy is deemed wrong. There are many reasons as to why pregnancy occurs at an early age and before marriage. Albert Cohen would agree that teenage pregnancy is most pronounced amongst lower class youth. In most cases, lower class girls receive inferior education levels. They are not encouraged to excel in school, and often are not involved in extracurricular activities, leaving them too much free time to get in to trouble. To change this, schools in poorer areas need to
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Unformatted text preview: involve students more, revamp their education program, and teach students about abstinence. Found in our most recent reading, Bad Boys , in some lower class schools, students are labeled right away as becoming failures, or even foreseen to be put in jail at some point in their life. In adolescence, their “noticeable deviance and the reaction to it will have been so reinforced by the community that their lives will be effectively channeled” into ways of life that match the self-image they developed (Chambliss p.11). If a young woman is already expected to drop out and become a bum, I am sure that she would think differently about getting pregnant than if she had a bright future to look forward to. Labeling needs to stop. It only discourages young women about their futures, and becoming pregnant and having someone to look after and love may not seem like such a bad idea after all....
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