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3 - 3 A drugstore employs 15 equally qualified people out...

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Unformatted text preview: 3. A drugstore employs 15 equally qualified people, out of which 9 are females and 6 males. It wishes to distribute 5 bonuses of equal amounts and the selection is to be made randomly. (a) Compute the probability that at most 2 females are selected. (b) If indeed only 2 females are selected, do you think the selection is random? . L5 [0 / \ ‘1 (F) a (is) l's I’M/1W. n; 5 N=\5 H,:fi N'N,:l¢ X: 31.!»0 tot weal-Wm ngafia‘n (9 points) 4. Suppose we have the following probability distribution for the number (x) of visits to a physician of a person in the age group 70+ during a year. x 0 1 p (x) .15 (a) Find P(1<X<4) (b) Find E(X),V(X) 25 .5 0 I an PlILxufi—‘Egj .30 .20 .10‘ EM) Etx’) 2:). X2' (X) (J a0 . l ’35 (9 pomts) '1’ i-Q q L? Ila Mo [HS ...
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