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directly proportional – Ohm’s electric current is dp to voltage inversely proportional – Boyle’s vol. of gas is ip to its pressure Order – limits, symmetry, functional order Symmetry – rotation, reflection, inversion, translational, fractal Law of Def. Propor. – always get 8O and 1H thru electrolysis Law of Mult. Propor. – existence of more than one compound of two elements with mass ratios that are in the proportion of small whole #s (i.e. OH, H 2 O) Protons & Neutrons => Nucleons β–decay α-decay – emission of He nucleus (2p 2n) Carbon-dating – uses carbon-14 emits B-rays 5720 half-life gravitational<weak<electromagnetic<strong Gravitational – most important in daily life, weakest, proportional to product of masses and IP to square of distance between, always attractive, extends infinitely Grav. field – force per unit mass at a point in space due to gravity Electromagnetic – between stationary & moving charges (electromag-interaction), prop. to product of charges, ip to Coulomb’s – (kq 1 q 2 )/d 2 Also includes magnetic forces Electromag. field – force per unit positive charge at a point in space due to other charged particles Magnetic field – force on a hypothetical magnetic pole of unit strength; field lines from north =>south ; generated by moving electric charges (elec. currents) Changing magnetic field =>electric field Within nucleus: Electrostatic is repulsive Gravitational is negligible Strong – always attractive, keeps protons together Weak – only for decomp when strong&electromag have no influence Newton’s 1 st – w/o external influence =>constant velocity
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chem140firstcribsheet - directly proportional Ohm's...

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