The jiangnan sizhu or

The jiangnan sizhu or - Angela Cheng 11/26/07 The...

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Angela Cheng 11/26/07 The Transition from Tradition to Modern and Its Parallel With History The jiangnan sizhu or ‘Silk and Bamboo’ of traditional Chinese music has progressed through the years to something very different than the ‘Silk and Bamboo’ of age. With the modernization of society, cultural and music alike adapted to the changing times. From the more divided but simultaneously varied sounding, informal music of traditional jiangnan sizhu, came the distinctly divided, yet uniform sounding, formal music of the traditional Chinese orchestra. Through major historical events as well as the basic progression of a society into modern civilization as we know it, what was ‘traditional’ Chinese music, became a new, different ‘traditional’ Chinese music. Prior to modernization, traditional jiangnan sizhu, or “Silk and Bamboo” music was as basic as a group of neighbors performing a repertoire of a few core pieces, and building off of those core melodies with improvisation, and coordinating with the other members of the group in their improvisation. The jiangnan sizhu groups of the old days learned the core pieces by memory and would play off of it, never requiring written notation, but at the same time keeping the group a united body, relying on each other for the performance of the piece to work. In contrast, the modern Chinese orchestra is more than just a few individuals performing together. The modern Chinese orchestra is commonly composed of both sections of traditional instruments that were a part of traditional jiangnan sizhu, as well as
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The jiangnan sizhu or - Angela Cheng 11/26/07 The...

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