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GES 223 High-Tech Trash April 20, 2008 1. The writer, Chris Carroll, is in the capital of Ghana, called Accra, was walking down the street which was filled with old TV’s, gutter computer cases, smashed monitors and other non working electronics. There were fires in there area, which are very harmful for the environment and the people around, because the electronics have dangerous chemicals in them. Some of the materials end up in the near by lagoon, which will very soon take them out into the ocean. People are very good at making trash, and they do not think twice about where it is going, how much trash they produce or how it will effect the environment and the people around. Everyone always wants the newest and most up to date electronics, but it seems like you buy one things one day and the next day it is out of date. People should recycle there electronics because they contain efficient conductors of electricity, which could be used instead of taking the sources from the earth. The
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