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aed 100 yellow christ - Title: Yellow Christ Artist: Paul...

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Title: Yellow Christ Artist: Paul Gauguin Date Created: 1889 Medium Used: Oil paints/ canvas Description While I was walking around the museum, this piece of art work, Yellow Christ by Paul Gauguin caught my eye because it reminded me of some of the paintings we looked and in humanities class back in high school. She use to say, when we see paintings or things that reminded us of that class it would be a “humanities rush” and we would share those with the class. So when I saw that painting I had a humanities rush and wanted to look at in a little more detail, which is why I choose this painting to write about. When I first looked at the picture, Christ on the cross is what caught my eye first because the cross goes from top to bottom and side to side. The cross is a dark brown color and Christ is almost like a very light peachy color. The cross was the darkest color compared to the background around it which also drew my attention to it. When I looked closer at the painting I noticed the trees were a red-orange color and the grass looked dead, almost like a yellow color in most parts. There were three ladies around the cross and they were all in black, and looked like they were morning the death of Christ. In the middle of the painting there is a road that goes horizontally across the
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aed 100 yellow christ - Title: Yellow Christ Artist: Paul...

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