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policy - on I feel that a policy should be implemented...

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GES 223 Energy Policy The United States is becoming to dependant on fossil fuels which is hurting our environment and polluting it. Therefore, we need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and find other, safer and cleaner alternatives. Ethanol and solar energy should be the two alternatives that are invested in the most. These two sources could produce a lot of energy to people, and it would help to reduce the amount of pollution that goes into the environment. Some ways to not waste energy, where it be non harmful to the environment would be, hang laundry outside during the summer time. It does not take long to dry outside and a lot of energy will be saved from not running the dryer. Next, turn off computers when they are not in use. Most people leave their computers on all the time even when they are not being used, and it requires a lot of energy just to keep them
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Unformatted text preview: on. I feel that a policy should be implemented which gives families a certain amount of energy each month. Once they run out, they will have to pay a high fee for more energy required. Also, the same thing can be done with cars. For each car owned, they are allowed so many gallons of gas each month for free, and once they go over the limit they are forced to pay a high amount for gas, or find alternative ways of transportation. Also, for both the car and house, the gas and energy will carry over from month to month so if not a lot of energy is used one month they can use it another. By implementing this policy people will think twice and they will also learn how much energy and gas they actually use. Most people are not aware of how much energy resources they use, and how harmful it is for the environment....
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