Government Notes Semester 2

Government Notes Semester 2 - NRA Dred Scott case Apr 2...

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Government Mar 28––Test Review Which Supreme Court Cases should we focus on? Brown v Board, Plussey v. Fergeson, Gitlow v. NY, Heart of Atlanta Motel, Roe v. Wade (expanded rights) Time frame on court cases allowed to be used? Read endnotes. NLRB--New deal and labor Democrats and their policy in the first question. how did the new deal contrast with laissez-faire? free market economics (L-F) vs. bringing the state back in 14th amendment changing interpretations recent decisions something* clause? Plessy v. Fergesun--limit individual rights Gitlow v. NY--free speech was violent and protection wasn't absolute Bowers v. Hartwick sex affairs between two consenting adults of the same sex was NOT within the rights to privacy laurence v. texas overturns it Ex of how new deal empowered executive.: new committees, grants and aid, regulatory committees Which interest groups should we know?
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Unformatted text preview: NRA Dred Scott case. Apr 2 Roosevelt––only guy to be elected 4 times in a row Got us through both the Great Depression and World War II. New Deal changed everything Small interest got in charge Miners: Mine safety comission People after the New Deal looked to Government to help them WWII A lot of the same pressures building in the US were also building in Europe Resolved with the New Deal, but not so in Germany Instead, Dictator came in power with many of the same promises as Roosevelt But they also attack the Jews as subhumans Apr 4 Masio Snipes first black voter after reconstruction, murdred 1948 convention hubert humphrey calling an end to segregation prompted all southern delegates to leave, led by Strom Thurman Apr 7 Federal vs. State Power regulate commerce State's rights Vietnam Gulf of Tonkin incident...
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Government Notes Semester 2 - NRA Dred Scott case Apr 2...

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