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ADV303_28-Creative Brief Example - Advertising Popular...

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Spring 2008 The Best Team Ever – Team #: 28 PLANNING for CREATIVITY and PERFORMANCE STEP #1 – GETS TO KNOW EACHOTHER Outside of the realm of ADV303, the class or the people in it… List 3 things all of you have in common: 1. We are all Freshmen 2. We all saw our families over Spring Break 3. We have all eaten at Jester Find one person that you all know. Not someone you know of, someone you actually know. How are you all connected to this person? We all know Eva Hung. Raquel went to school with her (6th grade through high school!), Chase lives down the hall from her in Dobie, Eunice had a linguistics class with her last semester, Eric met her through Chase, and Christina met her during orientation. Find a book that all of you read: We have all read , as well as Harry Potte r #1 and Edgar Allen Poe's Raven . Find a book you all agree everyone should read. Why? We all agree that everyone should read The Giver , by Lois Lowry, because it will help the reader appreciate life and the freedoms they have. What’s the farthest place from Austin that all of you have visited: The farthest place from Austin that we have all visited is St. Louis, Missouri. What’s one sport that you all play or enjoy watching: Basketball. STEP #2 – PLANNING FOR CREATIVITY Now that we know each other just a little bit better and have found a few things we all have in common, let’s look for some differences. Research on creativity tells us that different frame of reference in teams enhances the possibility for innovative ideas…. For each of you, list one thing you are passionate about (doesn’t have to be related to this class or this project): Name: Eunice Baek . Passion in life: People :) . Name: Chase Peacock. Passion in life: My family . Name: Eric Boeglin . Passion in life: Relaxing . Name: Christina Altmaier . Passion in life: Happiness . Name: Raquel Breternitz . Passion in life: Art and Music .
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For each of you, list one or two things you can bring to this team that will make this team experience the best ever (and different from any other “group” project you’ve been involved with in the past): Name: Eunice Baek. Brings: Conversation . Name: Chase Peacock . Brings: Optimism . Name: Eric Boeglin . Brings: Ideas . Name: Christina Altmaier
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ADV303_28-Creative Brief Example - Advertising Popular...

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