Concert Report 1 - Chamber Music at the Court of D. Joo in...

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Chamber Music at the Court of D. João in Brazil A commented recital UT Butler School of Music Early Music Ensemble Directed by Dr. Guido Olivieri Comments by Ricardo Bernades, Doctoral Musicology student at UT Apr 25 8 p.m.––another concert Context–– Chamber music: A little bit different form Northern European, Middle-class people together to play music, etc. In Portugal and Brazil, even after most of the crowns in Europe fell to Napoleon, they kept the old regime and system So, chamber music, is actually instrumental music to be played in an aristocratic situation Court in Lisbon Frei Jacinto ( fl early-mid 18th century ) According to Kastner and Heimes, his style indicates that he may have been a contemporary of Calos de Seixas and Domenico Scarlatti, so it is possible that most of his compositions were lost in the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 João de Sousa Carvalho (1745-1799) "Carvalho was the foremost Portuguese composer of his generation, and one of the finest in the country's history" Studied in Naples, Italy, and returning to LIsbon composed mostly operas and sacred music, among some instrumental music and modinhas . Abigail Mace––fortepiano Frei Jacinto - Toccata in re minore very aristocratic sounding, kind of round interesting, pretty melody very similar to a Bach cantata, only on piano instead of harpsichord left hand plays a sort of simple bass line, mostly, and right hand noodles around a lot more João de Sousa Carvalho - Toccata in sol minore slower, prettier melody, alternates high notes-low notes, high-notes-low notes goes crazy, then slows again, with another pretty melody in the high
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Concert Report 1 - Chamber Music at the Court of D. Joo in...

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