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Requirements - Requirements Classes of horses Maintenance...

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1 Requirements Classes of horses Maintenance Working – Light Western/English pleasure riding, trail riding, equitation – Moderate Ranch work, roping, cutting, reining, jumping – Intense Race training, polo Gestating 9 month, 10 or 11 months Lactating Foaling to 3 months 3 months to weaning Growing Weanling, 4 months Weanling, 6 months Moderate or rapid growth – Yearling Moderate or rapid growth Long Yearling In training or not in training – Two-year-old In training or not in training Overall Diet Requirements Clean water at all times! Long-stem roughage! – Greater than 2 inches – Minimum 1% of BW – May be the only feed necessary for adult horses Late gestation, lactation, heavy work are exceptions • Concentrate – Should be used to help meet DE needs that forage cannot – Never feed more than 0.75% at one feeding Helps prevent laminitis, digestive upsets, boredom, etc.
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2 Expected Feed Consumption (% BW) 1.75–2.5 1.0–1.5 1.0–1.5 Two year old (24 months) 2.0–2.5 1.0–1.5 1.0–1.5 Long yearling, 18 months 2.0–3.0 1.0–2.0 1.0–1.5 Yearling foal, 12 months 2.0–3.5 1.5–3.0 0.5–1.0
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