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WorPol 10-23 Insecurity

WorPol 10-23 Insecurity - Does Hunger Lead to insecurity...

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Representations Representations of both types of security issues but the emphasis remains on traditional, military security (Rambo) or personal issues (Pearl Harbor) Representations (films) reproduce power relations with richer, more powerful actors able……. Insecurity (Human Security) What are security issues? o Iran-russia; spread of nuclear weapons; small arms proliferation; jobs; access to natural resources; human trafficking; terrorism; bioterrorism; illegal immigration; China; Darfur; Israel-Palestine Why are they security issues? o Traditional (state-based; military responses) o Human (focus on everyday lives of people) Contradiction Over 840 million people throughout the world are malnourished 799 mil are in the developing world 6mil children below 5yo starve every year there’s a global obesity epidemic
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Unformatted text preview: Does Hunger Lead to insecurity? • Yes: if in terms of human security • No: in terms of traditional state security Human Security • Based on the claim that “a feeling of insecurity arises more from worries about daily life than from the dread of a cataclysmic world event” (UN 1994: 22) • 4 characteristics o universal concern o interdependent o …. o …. • Safety from chronic threats such as hunger, disease and repression (UN 1994: 23) • Protection from sudden and hurtful disruptions in patterns of daily life (UN 1994: 23) Levels of Human Security • Global: poverty, terrorism, AIDS, environment • But, the focus remains on people Threats to Human Security • Economic • Food • Health • Environmental • Personal • Community • Political...
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