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WorPol 9-25 - o Perspective (rarely reported on Fox or CNN,...

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Constructivism Iranian President’s visit to the USE The Pres’s talk at Columbia U o Identity of the “other” (how “we” view Iran) Representational force; power of rhetoric o Reputations matter (not a material concern) Visiting Ground Zero o Ahmedinejad’s view: to express sympathy for the victims of the attacks o Condi Rice’s View: to be controversial. Burma Ongoing anti-governmental protests o Monks joining the protests Moral authority in Burma Non-violent Identity of who the government kills matters We care more about murdered monks than murdered shlubs
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Unformatted text preview: o Perspective (rarely reported on Fox or CNN, but front page news in Southeast Asia) o Media representations Interests Based on historical and cultural backgrounds Different states (or other actors in world politics) have different natl interests o Natl interests are intersubjective/endogenous to interaction Exogenous/objective (pregiven) Subjective (up to you) Intersubjective (based on interaction/ up to multiple people) Interests based on identities o Ex Wendts discussion on anarchy...
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