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WorPol 12-7 - World Order Models project Started by Richard...

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Final World Politics! Ways of talking about the future of world politics Conjecture Guessing Fiction and science fiction o Highlights ideas in a more accessible manner than academia o Conditions of possibility Astrology New World Order Bible Code/ Nostrodamus COW project Correlation of War Why does war occur? Quantitative project Measures all the variables that could affect a war breaking out Large scale, generalizable Mathematical models, reasonably predictable Chance is left out
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Unformatted text preview: World Order Models project Started by Richard Falk A Study of Future Worlds Based on historical trends Looked at peoples values all over the world Criticized for being western-centric ivory tower work Alterglobalization Lets reform globalization Based on sub-state networks, which bypass the state GWOT Global War on Terror Military yay! More and more militarization Military-industrial complex yay!...
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