Russian Hist 2-29

Russian Hist 2-29 - Russian Hist 2/29 World War I and...

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Unformatted text preview: Russian Hist 2/29 World War I and National Question at the End of the Old Regime Was Russia revolutionary prior to WWI? 1 The Land Problem and Stolypins agrarian reforms Stolypin appointed PM 1906 shortly after 1905 Revolution Rev convinced Czar to grant new political system o New legal guarantees o 1906 Fundamental Laws (really a constitution. Nick didnt like the word) Rights of individuals Restricted czars powers in important ways Limited monarchy, elected natl parliament Duma (1 st parliament in Russian history) Duma voted for by estate Peasants vote for their peasant elector Nobles vote for their noble elector Middle class vote for their middle class elector Gentry vote = 3 townsmen = 15 peasants = 45 workers Abolished most censorship Allowed trade unions Rights of assembly Freedom of Religious Conscience Most controversial: Article 4 To the Emperor of all Russias belongs all autocratic power, as commanded by God Nick & his advisors still thought of Nick as an autocrat with unlimited powers Nick believed it his duty to retain his autocratic powers and pass them on to his son intact o 1 st Duma elections spring 1906 Czar gave an extremely condescending opening speech Members called for radical changes Moar Revolution! Take the nobles lands! Nick dissolved, called new elections o 2 nd Duma elections even more radical the most radical parties had boycotted the first election, joined now and won dissolved in 2 months SR social revolutionary party peasants party. Wanted mass redistribution of nobles lands o Context made it hard for electoral democracy...
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Russian Hist 2-29 - Russian Hist 2/29 World War I and...

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