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porjectBpartC - I was able to continue taking samples that...

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Michael Kundrat Math-160 Kuby Project B Part C My experimental perceptions changed with the color green mainly. When I took my first sample the probability green was 0.087. After four packs the probability was 0.162. The probability almost doubled. The observed probability and the theoretical probability distribution seem to be similar. They are not that close right now but I believe because of the law of large numbers that if
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Unformatted text preview: I was able to continue taking samples that the distribution would become much more equal. The graphs do look similar but you can easily tell they are different. Again because of the law of large numbers I believe that the graphs would look a lot more alike. My favorite color m&m would have to be either brown or red because they seem to be the rarest m&m’s so I feel extra special when I get one....
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