POLS 2312. ending of test 2 notes

POLS 2312. ending of test 2 notes - Government 3/27/08 –...

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Government 3/27/08 Committees in Congress : drive congress Different types of committees: Standing committees : permanent committees; they continue from one congress to the next; basic and traditional types of legislature work. Select or Special committees : temporary committees; they deal w/ very specific or particular problem; examples : after JFK was assassinated; Watergate scandal goes on for a small period of time (not permanent) Joint committees : permanent committees; they do not deal w/ broad important issues; they try to avoid duplication waste of resources; have members from both house and senate; least important of all types of committees Conference committees : made up of members from both houses and they are temporary; their job is to iron out differences b/w bills passed in both houses; Committees created to divide work load for congress; ppl on committees b/come specialist on topics in committees; the concept was called specialization Reciprocity : works hand in hand w/ committee work; w/e the committee says goes and the other committees vote in that favor the other committee reciprocates b/c they voted in their favor How a bill becomes a law 1. Bill must be introduced or sponsored in the house or the senate 2. The bill is referred to or sent to the appropriate committee (the one w/ the same subject matter) 3. The committee sends it to the sub-committee: four things can happen Passed or recommended Rejected or defeat it (vote against the bill) Mark it up: revise or change the bill Shelf it or table it: look at it and just put it away and not vote on it (ignore it) 90% of bills die on this step 4. The bill goes back to the full committee to be considered : 4 things can happen (refer to #3) If bill disappears they can have a discharge petition and they can get the bill back (almost never happens) 5. Makes a difference in which house you’re in House of reps : the bill goes to another committee: the rules committee : they give your bill rules; examples
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POLS 2312. ending of test 2 notes - Government 3/27/08 –...

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