POLS 2312. beginning of test 2 notes

POLS 2312. beginning of test 2 notes - Civil rights or...

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- Civil rights or Equal rights o Definition : the right of every person to equal protection of the law and equal access to society’s opportunities and facilities - Civil rights almost always deals w/ discrimination/ inequality - At the end of the civil war: o Civil war amendments : 1865 13 th amendment: ended slavery (constitutionally) 1868 14 th amendment: due process clause, equal protection clause 1870 15 th amendment: black males had the right to vote o Amendments were ineffective - Civil rights - Plessey v. Ferguson (1896) o Involved train transportation o Blk and white ppl could not travel in the same car (train car) o Man refuses to leave and gets arrested o The case made it to the supreme ct. question: Can we segregate ppl by race? o Test/ rule by supreme ct. OK to have separate facilities Test said: separate but equal Equal treatment but separate by race Had dramatic impact on ppl (esp. in the South) Nickname for these laws (separate ppl by race): Jim Crow Laws Separate: schools, bathrooms, water fountains, theaters, beaches, buses Truth: the facilities were rarely equal Legally lasted till Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
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- Brown v. Board of Education (1954) o Few yrs. before Brown some indication that S.Ct might be changing their minds o Family (Brown) sued for daughter to go to a white school o Overturned Plessey and separate but equal o Ct. said “separate but equal is inherently unequal” o End of Jim Crow Laws o Famous footnote (footnote 11): unequal b/c of “modern authority” It was social science research Lists of public research about race Blk ppl made to feel inferior Little kids of both races picked a white doll about 90% of the time o When S.Ct. gave verdict they did not know how to integrate it - Brown II (1955) o Arguments on how to change systems o Change 1 st “with all deliberate speed” o A lot of Anti-S.Ct. uprising Schools dragged heels
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  • Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Brown v. Board of Education, white ppl, blk ppl, congress ppl

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POLS 2312. beginning of test 2 notes - Civil rights or...

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