Ch. 1 - Nutrition Chapter 1 Nutrients substances in food...

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Unformatted text preview: Nutrition Chapter 1 Nutrients : substances in food that provide us with energy and structure and regulate body processes. Essential Nutrients : nutrients that must be consumed in the diet to maintain health.-over 40 different essential nutrients Nutrient Intake-Healthy diet= average intake over a period of days or weeks that provide all the nutrients needed Nutrient Density : a measure of the nutrients provided by a food relative to its calorie content. -more nutrient-dense foods contain more nutrients per calorie than do less nutrient-dense foods. Current and Future Health Malnutrition : any condition resulting from an energy or nutrient intake either above or below that which is optimal-this can affect health in 20-40 years from now Undernutrition : a condition resulting from an intake of calories or nutrients below that which meets nutritional needs Vitamins: vitamin A needed for vision vitamin D needed for healthy bones-degree of deficiency determines symptoms-mild deficiency may cause nonspecific symptoms (fatigue or decreased ability to fight infections)-severe deficiency may cause dramatic symptoms (blindness or bone deformities)-some deficiencies may cause symptoms to appear quickly Vitamin Overdose: too much iron can cause liver failure too much vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage Overnutrition : poor nutritional status resulting from a dietary intake in excess of that which is optimal for health...
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Ch. 1 - Nutrition Chapter 1 Nutrients substances in food...

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