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1 Memory (Textbook Chapter 31) Bio 222 Ron Hoy April 14, 2008 Patient H.M.: our modern understanding of memory begins with H.M. • Subject H.M. at age 30 in 1953, had neuro-surgery for intractable and life-threatening temporal lobe epilepsy. • His surgeon removed both hippocampi and amygdalae. • Surgery left H.M. with profound anterograde amnesia ; he • His pre-surgery memories are mostly intact (1920s-1953). • He believes he’s about 30; “who’s that in the mirror?” • He “re-grieves” upon hearing of mother’s death (25 yrs ago). • He cannot recognize his caregivers or psychologists after 50 years; he reintroduces himself anew at each meeting H.M.’s memory loss • If H.M. were a student in this class— – Would not be able to recall anything at the end of the lecture, or even after a few minutes. – Wouldn’t find his way anywhere on campus, – Each class meeting would be new; wouldn’t recognize the person next to him, places, and things—”deja new” – Cannot recall the “what, when, what, where, and why” of life from the date of his surgery – BUT, he is able to learn new “how” things even if he can’t remember when or where he came to know them. H.M.’s Brain Scan—shows lesioned areas H.M. Normal brain HM’s procedural (“how”) memory • Intact procedural or non-declarative memory • Can learn new motor tasks – Mirror tracing task (Milner 1962, 1965) – Pursuit rotor tracing (Corkin, 1968) – Implicitly familiar w testing equipment – Anterograde amnesics can learn new piano pieces – Lifelong practice of solving crossword puzzles shows no spelling errors and “cleverness” is within the normal range—but knowledge is “locked-into” pre- 1953—although can infer new words from puzzle structure. Lessons from H.M.: Memory is “modular”
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April%2014,%202008%20Slides - Memory (Textbook Chapter 31)...

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